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A Message From Mike

Nothing will increase your sales effectiveness faster than sharpening YOUR SALES STORY. This new online course is packed with my very best tips, a foolproof framework, crystal clear instructions, practical exercises, and powerful examples for crafting a compelling, differentiating Story that will elevate your sales game, help you secure more meetings, create more opportunities, and close more New Sales.

The “Sales Story” is my single favorite sales topic, the basis of the most popular chapters in my bestselling books, and the single most requested topic when I speak to sales teams. I’ve helped hundreds of organizations and tens of thousands of sellers sharpen their Sales Story and I want to help you sharpen yours!

Signs You Need to Sharpen Your Sales Story...

  • Not securing enough meetings
  • Getting lumped in with other suppliers
  • Lacking confidence picking up the phone
  • You sense buyers resisting your “pitch”
  • Clients don’t see the value and ask “so what?”
  • Calls and emails not getting returned
  • Too many opportunities getting stuck & deals going dark

A Great Story Changes Everything...

Differentiate Justify your premium price
Attract Prospects will invite you to share more
Perception Be viewed as a problem-solver not as a product pitcher
Confidence Your message is compelling, relevant, & effective
Elevate Your prospecting, probing skills, presentations, & proposals
Win Secure more meetings and close more deals
Access Reach higher-level executives and key decision influencers
Trust Buyers become more receptive to answer probing questions


01 A Great Story Changes Everything Your story is your most critical weapon; this module sets the stage and will motivate you to begin crafting a powerful, effective version of YOUR SALES STORY.
02 Common Sales Story Sins Identify the common sales story sins you’ve been committing and lay important groundwork by completing a fun and revealing exercise that sets up important work later in the course.
03 A Failsafe and Foolproof "Bridge" Into Your Story This module tackles how get your story off to a great start with a foolproof framework that intrigues your customer to want to learn more.
04 Leading with Customer Issues and Outcomes Review helpful examples of other companies’ compelling stories and follow a step-by-step walkthrough for drafting the most important part of YOUR SALES STORY.
05 Refining Your Work and Articulating True Differentiators Refine and sharpen YOUR SALES STORY talking points and develop a list of true differentiators that articulate why your company or solution is better and different than other alternatives.
06 Putting Your Sales Story to Work Review powerful examples of how successful salespeople and sales teams deploy their sales story talking points into actual prospecting call outlines, voicemails, emails, and PowerPoint presentations.


Your Sales Story
  • Lifetime Access to Your Sales Story Course*
  • Six online video modules
  • Comprehensive exercises and other helpful examples
*This offer is for individual access and use only
Premium Personal Offer
  • Everything in the Your Sales Story Offer plus...
  • Mike to personally review your story draft
  • One 40-minute story coaching call with a member of our team
Sales Leaders: Contact us for special packages if you'd like help upgrading your team's story.

More About Mike

Mike Weinberg’s passion is helping salespeople and sales teams win more New Sales. He’s the author of three Amazon #1 Bestsellers including New Sales. Simplified. (named on multiple lists as a Top-5 Sales Book of All-Time). He’s spoken on five continents, has become one of the most trusted and sought after sales experts in the world, and is known for his blunt, funny, tell-it-like-it-is style, and his ability to share simple, practical, effective, and easy-to-implement concepts.

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